About ProjectCorp

ProjectCorp is a privately owned family business launched in 2002.

Since its inception, we have encountered strong growth with a current annual turnover of $20million.

ProjectCorp has successfully completed over 60 projects across all public and private sectors of the industry and currently employs 20 full time staff.  We are proud of our achievements and look forward to further growth and expansion in to the future.

What We Provide:

With the combined and diverse experience of all ProjectCorp staff, we are able to deliver specialised and complex construction works of ranging type and value covering all sectors of the industry.

We cover commercial, industrial, government, community, aged care, education, retail and residential.  Project types vary from green field to heritage sites, new build, refurbishments, BCA upgrades and office building fit outs.

Delivery can be in the form of design and construct, construct only, fixed lump sum or construction management.

How We Provide It:

ProjectCorp offer the quality service and flexibility from concept design to full documentation and final build.

Our qualified and trained team consists of Project Managers, Contract Administrators and Site Managers all of whom are strongly committed to their roles and responsibilities.  We utilise the most up to date systems and software necessary to meet today’s demands.  Keeping abreast of ever changing technologies, new construction methods and building products is essential.  We subscribe to various construction publications, recognised industry bodies and affiliated trade literature

ProjectCorp is committed to site safety, the environment and quality with certification for each category.

ProjectCorp are always seeking to improve internal management systems by implementing up to date computer software and scheduled staff training in areas of safety, quality assurance, industry trends and contract administration.

Projectcorp implement premium software including CHEOPS, Buildsoft, and MS Project to manage their projects

Why We Do It:

There are three main reasons ProjectCorp continues to perform well and enjoy the repeat business.

PASSION for the industry, the company and building.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is the underlying drive and the basis of our philosophy.

PRIDE in all aspects of building.  Regardless of the size or nature of the Project, a successful result brings us pride and personal satisfaction.  The ability to stand back and proudly say “We Built that Project” remains with us and the company.