IPMG Printing Facility

ProjectCorp were engaged by IPMG (Hannan Print) to build a state of the art printing facility.  This includes the refurbishment and extension of the old ‘Kimberley Clark’ site.

The tolerances on this project are minimal as the warehouse is to house printing equipment delivered from Germany with a +/- 0 tolerance requirement for the concrete floor level.

ProjectCorp delivered the project ahead of program to the clients satisfaction.

ProjectCorp’s team received commendation on the high level of WHS on-site.

Project Details

Client:   IPMG
Price: 18,324,000
Architect: Architect Vaughn Lane (AVL)
Structural Engineers: Davis, Naismith & Mcgovern
Civil Engineers: Davis, Naismith & Mcgovern
Landscaper: Umbaco